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WELCOME GENTLE VIEWERS, to THEMAZE.TK - A wiki and collaborative guide to MAZE by Christopher Manson.

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In 1985, an unnaturally beautiful and impossibly difficult puzzle was unleashed upon the world in the form of a picture book: MAZE, by Christopher Manson. Though greatly scrutinized, the book was little understood, and a contest to solve its central riddle was completed only upon distribution of explicit hints by the publisher. The bulk of the book remained mysterious.

In the early 2000s, fans of MAZE began to collect, compile, and share their insights. In the initial exchanges of information, much was learned, but not much was solved through further collaboration. Within a few years the dust had settled again, and MAZE was still almost entirely inexplicable.

Now, a second resurgence of MAZE interest has begun to bear fruit. In this podcast, the first in a series about MAZE, we discuss what MAZE is, why it is gaining attention again, and why it is worth your time to join us in solving it.

This page was founded by SP on June 4, 2014. Contributors:

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Some clues and insight provided by: Into The Abyss by White Raven. (Anything with square bracket notation siting credit is from Into The Abyss.)

Moreso than most wikis, this site's Discussion pages house a great deal of relevant content. Because new solutions are being offered, challenged, or discussed all the time, the Discussion pages are vital not only for determining the presentation of the main pages, but also for discovering new information in the first instance. Join the conversation.


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